Thursday, April 03, 2008

Just so you know

I won't be posting much this month. It's unfortunate because April is so awesome -- it's the month I spend all offseason pining for. Now that it's here, I have zero free time. None. Tonight is the first Omaha Royals home game, one of 16 this month. I'm working all but one of those (taking off for the KC home opener!) and I have a one-hour commute each way. Meanwhile, I am a full-time student, and apparently that is supposed to take some time. So I apologize profusely, because a lot of times I'm certain that blogging is more useful than classes ( because it has allowed me to "meet" so many of you fine people!) but I don't really have a choice.

If you're in Omaha this month (or at all this summer), I'd love to see you at a game! The schedule is here, and the promotions are listed here. See you at Rosenblatt?

EDITED TO ADD: We have sole possession of first place! Whee! (Click image for beautiful evidence) And I'm not terribly good at math (which is unfortunate because I really love baseball math), I've come up with an amazing statistical breakthrough comparing the Royals to the Tigers this week. Are you ready for this? Click here to see this mathematical revolution in the making.


Mitch said...

I hate rain. :(

Minda said...

So do I, Mitch! I looked forward to/thought about this O-Royals season EVERY DAY of the offseason. And now the day is finally here, and....rainout. BOOOOOOOOOO RAIN.

On a happier note, KC is 3-0 and my fantasy pitching staff has compiled 25 Ks and no walks (knock on wood).