Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ahh, the power of superstition

If it weren't for baseball, I wouldn't be superstitious in the slightest. In real life, I don't really believe in coincidences, everything happens for a reason, all that good stuff. But in baseball (clearly more important than real life), I believe that what I wear will have an impact on my team playing hundreds of miles away; my smallest actions could be the difference-maker for the Royals.

Every time Brian Bannister makes a start, I wear my beautiful powder blue Banny jersey. That's just how it is, and I'm afraid to deviate. But today, I was not at home during the game, and opted not to wear the jersey out to the ballpark to watch Stanford send Miami home.

So I created a surrogate Minda to wear the jersey for me. Behold:
A Dr Pepper pillow serves as the head, on which is perched a powder blue Royals hat. The body is...another Dr Pepper pillow actually, and the fake-Minda's "lap" (some other pillows) is covered by a Royals stadium blanket.

And good golly, it worked. Go Royals.
(PS, I wrote a thing about Mike Aviles for Yahoo! that should be online later. I'll put up a link then. Also, I'm doing a brief CWS overview for Ladies... after I get some sleep, and I suppose I'll post a link to that here too. For now...Good night.)


Darin said...

Pretty smart! And it worked!

mike in omaha said...

The worst one for me is if I start watching a game and my team is winning, then as soon as I start watching, they start to lose. I HAVE to turn the game off, because they were doing well before I started watching...I must have been the one to jinx them! I want to watch, but I don't want to be the reason they lose!