Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Drawing a bit of a blank

Heh. When I used the blogging feature at MySpace, whenever I'd sit down to write, I'd only be able to think of baseball. I felt kind of bad, knowing that of my MySpace friends, only a few actually cared about baseball. Now that I have a place to write mostly about the sport, I can't come up with as much. Weird.

Or maybe it's because the season is over. Boo Cardinals! (I'm a good Royals fan; it's in my blood to hate the Cards...) Also, shame on Detroit. After the way the AL dominated the NL in interleague play and in the Stupid Crappy (All-Star) Game, I had hoped that the league would be well-represented when it came time for the World Series.

That said, I still think Jim Leyland is an awesome manager. The turnaround he authored in Detroit is nothing short of miraculous. I love his style; he doesn't take crap from anybody, and he holds his players responsible when they mess up. Excuses are not allowed, and that is the way it should be.

And I'll admit it; I had my doubts about the Tigers. If you look back on my posts from early into the season, and my midseason 2nd-half forecast, I thought they'd fall from grace way sooner than they did. So kudos to you, Detroit, for proving me so wrong.

I really do take comfort in the Tigers' turnaround, given that their fans know very well how it feels to be dead last, and they've had that feeling very recently. Now I just have to wait the excrutiating five months until the Royals begin a similar revolution.

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