Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Something for everyone, and why I hate sorority chicks

From Sept. 18, 2006.


Random musings for the week:

College football. I'll keep this short, though I could go on for hours. A lot of crazy awesome stuff happened on the college football stage this past weekend. I always love seeing Oklahoma lose, so the Ducks' wild comeback and finish was fantastic to see. It was even more fun, given that I was in a TV lounge full of people who were also passionately rooting for Oregon.

Obviously I'm upset at how Nebraska played. Aren't we all? (well, except Gary. I know he's thrilled about it.) Anyway, the Huskers completely underachieved out in LA. What I've been trying to understand is, why run the ball when you've got a QB who can pass as well as Taylor has been this season? And that LSU dude hurting his leg was GROSS. And yet, I could not look away.

Boston College beat BYU in 2 overtimes. Go Catholics!

I loved the LSU/Auburn game. Some people (mostly girls) told me they thought it was boring, but I can think of nothing better than a low-scoring battle between two highly ranked teams. The one touchdown Auburn scored was the first one LSU had given up in 16-plus quarters this season. Viva la defense!

Sorority chicks:
I have it up to here with sorority chicks. Now, don't get me wrong: there are plenty of perfectly cool chicks who happen to belong to sororities. But you know the kind I mean...the stereotypical "Sorority Chicks" who think they are so goddamn much better than everyone else. They dress as though they're trying out for a bit part on Laguna Beach or some shit, with their tacky giant sunglasses (which, by the way, look as if you're just trying to hide the black eyes your boyfriend gave you, so you had to run to the Dollar Tree and pluck up the first pair of big granny shades you could find) and (horror of horrors!) leggings.

See, every day on my way to journalism classes, I have to walk by a whole row of their houses. And they act like they own the damn sidewalks, weaving back and forth across the walkway so no "normal" people can't pass by without contorting in crazy ways, cutting through the grass, stepping out into the street gutter, or just lowering the shoulder and pushing those bitches right on down. Wait, sorry, that last one only happens in my brain. And then they scoff to some invisable other bitch on the other end of an unceasing cell phone conversation, completey astounded that someone has dared to use their sidewalk.

I don't know what they have to be so snobby about...I have something huge that they will never have: the ability to make friends without paying for them. There. I said it. Sorority girls are the biggest social disasters in the whole goddamn world.

And of course, Baseball!
The American League is looking unbelievably exciting in the next week or so, and I daresay that my Royals will be the deciding factor in who takes the Central division. We've got Detroit at home this upcoming weekend, followed by a 4-game series at Minnesota, and then another series against the Tigers, this time at Detroit. I think Minnesota has said "fuck it" to the Wild Card...they're going for the gold. And they're only one game behind the Tigers right now. Even without Liriano and Radke, they might just have what it takes to surge in the remaining games of the regular season.

This is the heavenly time of year when every single game of the season matters. This is when players truly do have to play every out like it's they're last, because every play is another one closer to their end unless they play their hearts out. This is when I don't leave my room for hours on end, because there's a game on, and there's no way in hell I'd miss it.

Incidentally, the Royals are once again out of the MLB basement, as Tampa Bay has produced that extra amount of suck to become the official "worst team in baseball." Kansas City might actually be able to avoid losing 100 games, which is absolutely astounding when you consider how April and May went. It's the biggest baseball turnaround that nobody is talking about.

One last thing...My roommate and I suck at life.
I've named us "The Strikeouts" because we both officially failed at life this week. Things can only get better though...I hope.

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