Sunday, February 18, 2007

i LOVE people

The couple in front of me loaded item after item after item on to the tiny little counter, right beneath the sign that boldly proclaims "20 ITEMS OR LESS" (which is grammatically incorrect, I know, but it should still send a pretty clear message). I tried to be charitable, thinking that their cartload only looked like it was more than twenty items, becuase some of their purchases were large, like a big bag of Malt-O-Meal cereal.

Then they kept going; it was like they had a bottomless cart. They finally got their last groceries on to the counter, paid the friendly cashier and ambled away. I hoisted my five items to the counter and cast a long gaze at the couple who was walking away with their laden cart. The cashier did not say "Hello" to me. Rather, he said, "It was 44." He also told me that he's seen people buy seventy-five items in that lane.

Yes, the lane that is for 20 or fewer items. I love people.


Anonymous said...

Thank you. (MW)

CJ said...

honestly were these people parked in the handicapped spaces cause someone might as well use them..... have you ever heard of the word handicraped i think that is what we should call these people cause they are to dumb to know better but it's crap they don't that act ignorant but you know they know better aka crap!