Monday, February 05, 2007


  • This news story is near and dear to my heart, as I go by the screen name 'Chewbacca' on a number of forums. I extend my apologies to any tourists I may or may not have headbutted.

  • In other news, the Super Bowl was kind of lame. I was hoping for...oh, I don't know... a good game, maybe? Instead, we got eleventy billion turnovers, boring commercials, and Adam Vinatieri missing a field goal (I didn't know that happened in the postseason). I'm guessing all the very loud and excited Bears fans I encountered in IHOP at 3 on Sunday morning are not nearly as exuberant today as they were at that time.

However, one good thing about the game was that Tony Dungy is a classy guy. I like that he throws down the G-Word (God!) in his post game speech and you can tell he actually means it. I really like both coaches involved; it's a shame that one of them had to lose.

  • I have a new job, sort of. On weekends, I get assigned to various grocery stores around town and hand out free samples of new Pepsi products. It gets a little boring at times, but I still enjoy it. And by now, I could probably recite all the ingredients in Aquafina Alive Wellness Water. I can't believe the number (and variety) of questions people ask about the ingredients ... I get everything from the expected queries about calories to "My wife is allergic to [obscure substance I've never heard of]. Can she still drink this stuff?" Another thing I've noticed is that older people seem absolutely disgusted by the idea of flavored water. Parents with young kids are the best, because of course the kids see free stuff and just have to try it. One benefit is that I'm seeing parts of Lincoln I've never really known before, which is kind of neat. Also, I don't think I will ever turn down another free sample in a grocery store; it can be slightly disheartening.

  • 55 days until Opening Day!

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