Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Dropkick Murphys and other stuffs

Update from last post: My dad's ankle surgery was successful, and he's at home recovering. He's gonna get his money's worth for his Netflix subscription in the coming weeks; in other words, the recovery process is going to suck, so please continue to pray.

In other family news, my older brother is getting married in August. He's the first of my brothers to take this step, so this is a new and tremendously exciting time for my whole family. I absolutely adore my future sister-in-law. Also, I get to be a bridesmaid!

Tomorrow is when I go to Kansas City to see the Dropkick Murphys. I grew up in a tiny town that's about as far away from a major city as you can get in the Lower 48 states, so no bands ever played anywhere near me. For a myriad of reasons*, I was never allowed to travel to go see bands until this past summer, so this is fairly new to me. Seeing DKM is actually on my list of Things I Must Do Before I Die; it's definitely a big deal and I'm pumped. I'll post pics if I get any good ones.

The Royals have a winning record (4-3) in Spring Training right now. I'm telling y'all, this is their year! (At the very very least, this will be a year in which they do NOT lose 100!)

*This post could go in so many different directions here, like how scary it must be to raise a teenage girl in today's society, or the merits of young people travelling and gaining independence from those experiences, or how road trips rock but cost a shit-ton of money. Instead, my attention span will tell me to not explor any of those topics. I'll probably go play some Deal or No Deal instead.

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