Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A sincere apology and a few other things

I got a job! I started my Spring Break with a job interview, and ended up getting hired . I will be working for the Omaha Royals this season, doing on-field promotions. I'm PSYCHED about it, but I don't get to start until April 13. Anyone in the general area of Omaha should come and see the O-Royals this summer! is doing a really really good job this season. Sanjaya is one of the weakest, most pathetic contestants AI has ever seen. But enough about that.

Now the sincere apology:
I do have a piece in the works for this blog. An actual, well-thought-out, carefully written piece of my sports-addicted soul. I sincerely apologize for the long string of crappy, random posts that I've burdened you with recently. I am a better writer than that, and I will give you better. Thanks for hangin' on; the regular me will be back soon.

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