Monday, August 13, 2007

Weddings make fans miss baseball

Only a few special things could ever, EVER take the place of baseball in my life for any amount of time. As you can tell by the lack of posts lately, one of those things has come up. My brother Ryan got married on Saturday (YAY!!!!) so I was occupied for much of the week with bridesmaidly duties and with spending time with my parents and little brother, whom I don't get to see nearly enough.

Because of the wedding, and the visiting family members, I have missed a lot of Royals baseball. I was also blessed to miss Barry Bonds' record-tying and -breaking homers, so in that respect I'd like to thank Ryan and Haley for having their wedding this weekend.

Just a few quick notes, because I still have some wedding business to attend to (all the tuxedos have magically appeared at my place, so I suppose I should do something with them other than let them sit on the dining room tables).

- Someone at finally came out and mentioned Matt Wright as someone who should/will see time in the Majors this season (Toward the end of the article). He has quietly been the best starting pitcher on Omaha's staff all season, and it's about damn time he gets some recognition.

- Neal Musser is SO the real deal. Look at his ERA. Now look at his IP. Yes, he has pitched 46.2 innings, and yes, his ERA is 0.19. He finally gave up one earned run yesterday. I never mentioned his 0.00 ERA before, because I knew that as soon as I mentioned it, he'd give up like 15 earned runs in one inning, and it would be my fault.

- I'm very much looking forward to watching KC tonight. It will be the first time in longer than I can remember that I'll have had the opportunity to watch a game. I've missed some great ones in the last week or so, and I feel SO out of the loop. Don't call me tonight if it's not about Royals baseball. I need this game.

- Lastly, and most importantly, congratulations to my brother Ryan and his new wife, Haley. If I had hours to sit here and type, I could fill every minute with gushing about how wonderful they are, and what an inspiration they are as a couple and as individuals to their friends and family. I do not have hours to do this, I only have seconds, so I will just say congratulations and God bless!

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