Sunday, August 19, 2007


FIRST: Not in last place! I'd like to wish the last-place Chicago White Sox for losing seven straight to get to where they are now...which is last. Which the Royals are not. See?

SECOND: I forgot to write down that I'm supposed to work today. Whoopsie! That means that, by the time the season is over, I will have worked thirteen straight games. Not sure how that fits in with the concept of resting my still-VERY-sore ankle...But I'm fine with it. I hate not working a game, because when I come back I always feel out of the loop. The season is about to end, and that makes me horrifically sad.

THIRD: Matt Wright gave up a bunch of home runs last night (a la Scott Elarton) in Omaha's 11-4 loss to Albuquerque. Wright is still the best starting pitcher on the Omaha staff, though, which is crazy because when you stop to think about it, Omaha's starting rotation is awfully good.

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