Thursday, October 30, 2008

Adios, Leo. Hola, Mike.'s a done deal.
The Royals wasted no time Thursday in pulling the trigger on their first major off-season move by acquiring slugging first baseman Mike Jacobs from the Florida Marlins for reliever Leo Nuñez.

Sigh. I can expect the club to let Shealy go now, right? And will they shop Billy Butler this winter? To's a little too soon to deal Butler. It's probably selling low.

Anyway. I'm not thrilled with this deal, but I'll just wait and see what happens. As for Nunez, I love him dearly and he sure is fun to watch, but I don't generally get attached to relievers because they're bought and sold so frequently.


mike said...

The only way this move makes sense is if they do indeed unload Shealy as well as Gload. First base however is an overstocked position in MLB so I doubt the Royals would get much, if anything for either of these two.

I would be ok if Jacobs has a couple productive years as long as Ka'aihue develops.

Jeff said...

Are all Royals bloggers unanimous in not like this pickup? I don't think Nunez will be missed but if this means Butler is going to be traded then this deal is even worse than it appears.

Minda said...

Mike...agreed, but I still don't like it. (I am stubborn; you may have noticed.) It just seems like Moore is rushing to deal with a problem by adding to it, instead of actually addressing some of the club's more dire needs.

Jeff...I haven't seen anyone drooling over the deal, no. Seems like everyone's baffled. Someone at Royals Review made the observation that the trade was a fair value, but not the right fit. That's about how I see it at this point.

The more I think about this and discuss it with people, the less sense it makes. I want to be a GM so I can talk and talk about how important OBP is, and then get two guys in the BOTTOM TEN in the league in OBP (Guillen and Jacobs, obviously). Ugh.