Sunday, October 12, 2008

Me interviewed at RoRetc

Ray at Royals on Radio Etc. interviewed me this week about the Omaha Royals' struggles, occasional non-struggles, and future. You can read it here.


Jeff said...

Boston? Really?

Minda said...

Jeff, I know, it's shameful - they're my "guilty pleasure" team that I can't help but like. I mean, their front office hired Bill Freaking James, and I admire that kind of thinking on their part. And they always have a lot of likable players, and...oh who am I kidding? I know that rooting for them has become passe, but I do it anyway, and no amount of defending myself will stop fellow Royals fans (even my family members) from giving me stern, disapproving looks.

Jeff said...

Ok just as long as you know, lol.