Sunday, April 22, 2007


I love it when a major league pitcher throws a no-hitter. It's the only time I'm assured that I'm not the only person who cares about something other than home runs (Pardon my being so slow to jump on that game, but I've been kind of busy this week!)

So I've survived my first homestand with the Omaha Royals. Omaha went 5-3 during their first stint at Rosenblatt this year. I'm amazed at how quickly I adapted to my job; I already feel completely at home at the Blatt and with my duties. My team's pre-game duties have been a fantastic glimpse into the ways in which we all subconsciously judge people based on their appearances. Before each game, my girls and I have to stand out by the gates and recruit fans to participate in our promotions.

We're supposed to look for certain "types" of people to fill the slots for each promotion. For the air guitar contest, we're supposed to find someone who looks like they could go crazy out there, and do something potentially inappropriate while they're at it. If I see some guy dressed in stylish clothes and lots of hair product, I immediately reject him for air guitar because he looks too self-conscious to be an entertaining contestant. But that disheveled guy in the crappy t-shirt who comes in behind the stylish guy? Perfect. The only people I don't have to stereotype are little kids. Almost all kids under about 10 years old (and most over that age) are willing to do anything for us, as long as it means they get to go out on the field and win a prize. That is why kids are great.

I spent most of the weekend in Omaha, and since I was working I didn't get to see Kansas City's games over the last few days. However, I did see a great play by Tony Pena Jr. chosen as the #1 Web Gem on Friday's Baseball Tonight, and Alex Gordon getting recognition in that segment in the same night. What a weird feeling that is; seeing national sports media say something about the Royals that isn't mocking. I think I like it.

Also, I hope David DeJesus feels better soon!

I don't want to jinx anything here, but Jorge de la Rosa is being kind of awesome today. Just think: once Scott Elarton and Luke Hudson come back up, KC will have a pretty respectable pitching staff from top to bottom. Sure, the rotation will look a little crowded at first, but that will breed some delightful competition amongst the hopeful starters. The creation of competition seems to be working in the catcher's slot, so it could potentially work wonders for the pitching staff too!

I have big money riding on today's KC/Minnesota game (which is currently in progress. My next-door neighbor, who is a big Twins fan, bet me a nickel that the Twins would take the series. I felt comfortable betting against her, despite the fact that losing such a bet would have a drastic impact on my tight college student budget...

One last note:
I can't find a frame to fit my awesome George Brett poster! It's 19x25, which sucks because one quite common frame size is 18x24. I guess I'll just have to get a huge frame and center the poster in it? Feh.

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