Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Here we go again...

The other day I posted a quote from John Buck regarding the team's attitude:

"Rather than here were go again, it was now we are going to get the job done."

I loved the quote, and I loved that the Royals were taking a more ballsy approach to situations where they had fallen behind in a game.

Too bad they're back into the "here we go again" mindset. Before tonight, all the games in KC's current losing streak -- second in length only to Houston's 10-gamer -- were entirely made up of "here we go again" moments. Fall behind early, and never scrape up any runs in retaliation. Ever. Well, the 2nd part of that theme held true tonight, as Baltimore held KC scoreless in the series finale.

What a shame that Gil Meche's solid performance had to be wasted... 7.1 innings and 1 run allowed should be good enough, right? (It certainly was on Opening Day!) Greinke really wasn't too bad either, from the sound of it. (I am going NUTS during this long stretch without televised games. Come back to me, RSTN!!!)

Speaking of televised games...
- Does the Royals Sports Television Network (RSTN) make Kansas City win? It's entirely possible; check it out:

When Royals games are televised on RSTN (including games that are aired only on Channel 38 in KC), their winning percentage is .400, compared to a .214 winning percentage when they're not on TV and an overall .352 wpc. It took them until May 17 to win a game that was not televised. Tomorrow night's game will be televised, so I have some hope that the losing streak will end.

Here's some negative random stats, because I'm not in a good frame of mind like I was last week when I posted positive random stats:
- KC has been outscored 291-211 on the season. The way the last 7 games have gone, I'm left to wonder where we possibly came up with 211...
- The Royals have only won 3 games against left-handed starters
- The Royals have won zero games and have been outscored 44-10 since I sprained my ankle. How am I supposed to feel better when this is what my team does for me?

And lastly...I never thought I'd say this, but I'm glad KC is going on the road. To have them play so much better on the road is about the last thing I expected to have happen, but there it is. Also, check out Buddy Bell's eyes in the picture in that article. That's about as scary as being 9-20 at home.

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