Friday, May 18, 2007


-I got to "have a catch" with two of my brothers and with my dad tonight. This was incredible for several reasons:
1) I can throw a baseball (a bit, though my freshly operated-on shoulder will be sore later)
2) My dad must be recovering miraculously from his ankle surgery to have been able to participate as well, and
3) We played on an empty lot that until very recently held this horriffic house that we wanted to tear down. We were recently able to buy it, and it is now just a ghost.

It's like having everyone come off the DL at once, and having a new ballpark in which to play.

-Kansas City is on a fantastic three-game winning streak. They took home a series win (3-1) over Oakland, and has now won the season against the A's. Then they went for some interleague action against the Rockies, which included some clutch hitting by middle reliever Brandon Duckworth. He looked strangely at home in the batter's box, and singled. Emil Brown has been heating up lately. Funny how having regular at-bats helps a batter find his rythm!

- One of my brothers is travelling to Rome next week. Please pray for safe travels for him and the family with whom he is going!

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