Saturday, September 22, 2007

The difference between a close game and a good game

Nebraska – 41
Ball State – 40

My Husker player of the game: Sean Hill

Right after I complained to my neighbor about how Nebraska has not made many big plays this year, Hill came through with a pretty big catch for a ton of yards and a TD. I suppose I figured that Maurice Purify or Marlon Lucky would have the big game, but I would give the game ball to Hill.

And while I’m giving things away, I’ll also give some new jerseys to the Blackshirts. After the 1st quarter this morning, they demoted themselves from Black to deep green to various reds, oranges, and then pink. Ball State scoring 40 points was a laughable idea – until it actually happened. Therefore, my final assessment of what color jerseys the NU defense earned is…floral print. Really horrible grandmotherly, you-might-see-this-on-a-muumuu floral.

Being ranked was fun while it lasted. If the voters only assessed Nebraska’s offense, the team might stay in the top 25. But since the defense was so overpoweringly horrible, it’s likely that the Huskers will be as far from the top 25 as Ball State was coming in to today.

It’s odd that I feel this bad about a win, but the thing about growing up a Husker fan in the 1990s was that perfection was never too much to expect. Seeing less than perfection is becoming sadly normal for this generation of Huskers, but I won’t stand for it. I haven’t listened to any fans’ reactions on the radio yet this evening, but I’m guessing a lot of people will call for the immediate decapitation (or at least firing) of Kevin Cosgrove, our current defensive coordinator. This is Nebraska, where we can get pissed off and fire someone after their performance in a win.

Also...Go Big Red? (NSFW)

Oh dear...
Back to baseball for a moment, as it appears the Royals have acquired another 1B/DH. Why?!? This makes me feel unsure about Mike Sweeney's future here, and I don't like it at all.

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