Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I had some thoughts about Kansas City's struggles over the last few days, some forecasts for the 2008 Omaha Royals, the Patriots allegedly cheating by spying on Jets' sideline. But today, no matter what happens with the Royals/Twins game, and no matter what other thoughts I've had to write, this space is to serve one very important purpose:


It's 9/11. Please remember all the ones who are no longer with us, whether they were office workers just getting through a regular Tuesday in the WTC, firefighters responding to the horrific scene, those on United flight 93, those in the Pentagon, or U.S. soldiers who have perished in the war against terrorist bastards since then.

Too often, people refer to 9/11 as a yardstick by which to measure how long the wait time at major airports are. This day, the worst tragedy in U.S. history, has been trivialized to the point where people roll their eyes when they talk about what a pain in the ass their lives have become since then. More security at airports? What a hardship! Blame 9/11. More rules at the football stadium? How annoying; blame 9/11. This needs to stop; let's all try and remember what that day felt like, and the fact that for once, people could put their petty differences aside and help each other, love each other.


the victims (source)

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