Friday, November 30, 2007

Dear cable company

I will get back to baseball-related stuff on Monday or thereabouts, after a weekend in which I'm actually planning to get stranded out of town. See, a big old ice storm is looming over eastern Nebraska, and I have to be in Omaha tomorrow, but if I wait until tomorrow to drive there, I might get stuck and/or in a wreck. We try to avoid those.

But before I go, I'd like to let you all in on what I would say to the random guy at the cable company who hooked me up with a DVR box in August.

Dear random cable guy,
Thank you so much for telling me that the lovely low fee I'd be paying for my DVR service was temporary. It makes it so much easier to budget things when I know my cable bill will be doubling when the end of November rolls around. Your company (which I won't name, but it might rhyme with "Lime Corner") is so very courteous and you really consider what is good and fair for your customers.

Oh,wait a minute. You didn't tell me the price would be changing? Sorry, cable guy, I had you mistaken for NOT a lying, cheating bastard. It's really pleasant opening a bill that is double the amount I expected, with no notice and no explanation.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for being so honest and straightforward. It makes me want to do a lot more business with "Lime Corner Cable" in the future, and tell all my friends to do the same.

With hatred and contempt,

Now you know.


Jeff said...

They pulled this on us about 4 months ago. (KC) I called 'em and told them it would be the last dollars they would ever see from us.

They reversed them selves and and reinstated their old rate.

We do have oprions here though. Everest and Dishy stuff, etc.

But, they can be bullied sometimes.

Minda said...

Sadly, they have an exclusive contract with my college, so all students who live on campus are at the mercy of Time Warner's whims. I'd love to try and bully them anyway, just for spite.

If I hadn't already become so dependent on the DVR lifestyle (and yes, it IS a lifestyle, not just a gadget), I'd cut them off, but I don't know that I can go back. Hard life, I know...