Thursday, November 08, 2007

Must have done something Wright

Dear Matt Wright,
I hate puns, but your name begs for them. Please forgive me; I still think you're an awesome pitcher.



I've thought for a long time now that Matt Wright is a fantastic pitcher. All season long in Omaha, I loved watching him dominate the strike zone and make opponents' lineups look silly from top to bottom. As early as the beginning of June, I publicly heralded Wright as my favorite O-Royal. By August, I was relieved to see that it wasn't my imagination; someone else thought Wright's pitching deserved some attention.

And now it's November, and Wright was the Game 2 starter for Team USA. A bit of a fuss was raised about how long it took to come up with the starting rotation for the IBAF World Cup, but it looks like the decisions have worked well so far. And finally, in the wrapup from Game 2, someone else sees what I see in Wright:
Starter Matt Wright was great...



Matt said...

Loving the Royals enthusiasm.

Thanks for the report on Wright...I'm looking forward to Royals pitching for, oh, the next couple decades. Any sign of Rowdy Hardy in Omaha?

Minda said...

Hi Matt!
I've had that same Royals enthusiasm -- for better or worse -- my whole life. I'll keep it coming. :-)

The near future of Royals pitching could be a lot of fun. I imagine Hardy will make an appearance on the Omaha roster at some point in '08, and of course I'll give a full report.

Matt said...

Sounds good...I feel I was born with Royal Blue blood as well.

Awesome. I'm really pulling for the guy. I feel like he's a huge underdog to most fans, but that in reality he's going to have a lot of success in the Majors.