Friday, November 16, 2007

Stuff happens in baseball, White House is upset.

These are stories in baseball, all with fun hats. Something festive for the weekend, y'know.

Barry Bonds' indictment is "a sad day for baseball"?
While I think it's absurd that the White House is now providing us with official statements regarding baseball, I agree that it's sad that baseball has come to the point of Congressional investigations, grand jury trials, and big-time indictments. But it is sad that Bonds was indicted? I don't think so; I thought it was more of a warm-fuzzy-feeling, victory-for-justice day.

Based on the information that I have, Bonds is either guilty of perjury, or incredibly stupid (hence his hat). I'm pretty sure that he is not stupid; at least not to the extent that unknowingly pumping that many steroids into his body would require. But I'm just a girl with a keyboard; I'm pretty sure that someone out there has a lot more information than I do. I only hope that it is all dealt with responsibly, and Bonds' celebrity status and home run glory are left out of all court dealings. If his impending legal process is not dealt with like John Q. Citizen's perjury trial, that would be a sad day for baseball.

Kenny Rogers dumps Boras

Good for you, Kenny Rogers. I hate what your now-former agent, Scott Boras, is doing to baseball. He's bringing all the yucky stuff -- the politics, the money, the hard feelings -- to the mainstream of baseball media. Not even children are immune to the behind-the-scenes stuff, most notably Boras' ridiculous hard-bargaining, that takes away the ability to simply enjoy our Game. I'd love it if agents like Boras weren't around. It is beyond ridiculous, and maybe even a little evil, that athletes make the kind of money that they do, and even if he were to retire today, Scott Boras could be given much of the blame for the extent of the money-grubbing.

So Kenny Rogers, for dumping Boras, I give you this poorly MS-Painted crown and medal. You win my "Favorite Person of the Day" award, which, yes I do bestow every day. And to only one person every day.

Oh! Speaking of the ridiculous amounts of money teams pay players...

Alex "The Waffler" Rodriguez crawls back to the Bronx
Wouldn't it be a cool world if every man could crawl back to his ex-girlfriend and get a 10-year, $275MM contract?

A-Rod: "Sorry Yankees. It's not's me. I just need some space. I need to see if there are any sexier teams out there. You dig?"
Yankees: "Okbye."
A-Rod: [later, feebly] " wanna hang out sometime? I kinda miss you; I miss your scent, and the way you sing to me, and the way you always pay me so dearly."
Yankees: [Shovel wheelbarrows full of cash to A-Rod; act as though nothing bitter happened between them.] Marry me!

And for his hat, ummm....


Matt said...

So, wait. Girlfriends come with a $275 million contract?

Where have I been?

Minda said...

You bet they do. You just have to know where to look.