Friday, December 14, 2007

The not-so-big reveal

So. Let's talk about the Mitchell Report. Was it wrong of me to expect more fireworks?

Sure, we got entertaining things like the fact that Jason Grimsley has ugly, girlie, tulip-laden checks (page 389 of the report), but nothing in it blew my mind.

Back in high school, I would sometimes ask lazy freshmen (we'll call them LFs) to write sports stories. "Hey, you little LF," I'd say, "Why don't you write a story about the track team?" They'd agree to do it, but we'd hit the deadlines for stories and my LF would have nothing for me. At the very last minute, the LF would give me a story in which she (it was almost always a she) had interviewed only one person -- her best friend, who happens to be on the track team -- and given me a really crappy story. But deadlines are deadlines, and we had to run something, so the crappy, one-source story would run.

That's exactly what this investigation looked like to me. One trainer. One clubhouse attendant. For what, exactly, was that $40 million? Was it really just so that Mitchell could bully two people -- and not even guilty players -- into some kindergarten-caliber tattling? I thought Mitchell could have...oh, I don't know...gotten legitimate sources from more than two teams, and maybe given a thorough report filled with something other than he said/she said tattling nonsense. Color me unimpressed.

Texas Gal over at Ladies... had this to say (nestled amongst a ton of other brilliance) about the report as a whole:
....the Mitchell investigation is horseshit. Incomplete, inaccurate, hearsay-filled nonsense with no teeth.
Yep, that about sums it up.

In some actual news, the Royals have traded Billy Buckner for Alberto Callaspo.

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