Wednesday, December 05, 2007

So much for Andruw

Yesterday afternoon I wondered what the Royals would do with their outfield if they indeed landed Andruw Jones from Atlanta, but it turns out it doesn't matter: Andruw is now a Dodger.

And apparently, the Royals might not even have Jose Guillen right now, either. So what's happening? If the Guillen deal falls through, who is left for KC to pursue? In the same MVN article linked above, Craig writes that Fukudome is supposed to have decided between the Cubs and the Royals by about...4 minutes ago. I wonder when that decision will be made and/or broken. I will be mighty tempted to stay home from class to check the Hot Stove reports. (I likely will not stay home, though...hi mom!)

Anyway, I'm enjoying this rumor mill way too much. I suppose that's what have to do to get me through the remaining 116.5 days of the offseason. Sigh.


Matt said...

So many things going's nice to have a GM that likes improving the team.

Although, it is sad to see people go. Apparently DeJesus is viewed mostly as tradebait by the Royals nation.

Dave said...

besides, not getting Guillen may not be all bad, although the R's desperately need right handed hitting. His clubhouse demeanor needs some touching-up