Monday, March 31, 2008


The coolest thing in the world is definitely Opening Day. It's unlike any other widely anticipated day, because it never disappoints. I can spend months looking forward to a particular movie, only to be let down when it isn't as good as the hype. Or really look forward to wearing some cute shoes I saved up forever to buy, only to have them not look as good as they did in the store*. Most things tend to be letdowns in the face of hype.

*Yes, I'm a shoe person. I have many, many shoes.

But not this day. Every year, this is the day. I love being a baseball fan today, because anyone else wearing baseball stuff is my friend, and is in the unmistakable uplifted mood that only winter's end and season's beginning can bring.

Whether you got the day off of work or you're taping your team's game for later consumption, I wish you the best Opening Day possible. Unless, of course, you are a Detroit fan, in which case...GO ROYALS!

I made you all a card, in the form of a whiteboard drawing:

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