Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bummer in Boulder

I have a confession to make: (Mom, cover your eyes for a moment, please.)
I spend a lot of time in class writing potential blog ideas, rather than paying attention to what the teacher is saying. I don't even know why I go to class half the time, because I have taken a total of maybe 20 pages of notes in my entire college career, and filled the rest of my notebooks with ideas for blog posts, and fun with numbers.(OK, Mom, you can look again.)

So I had this wonderful little plan that I was going use class time today to outline exactly how bad the Nebraska-Colorado basketball game last night was; something more substantial and stats-based than my little rant in a comment on another post. Turns out, I actually have to (or kind of want to) participate in all of my MWF classes. (Well, I suppose I could try to use time in Econ to do blog stuff, but my prof in there is...well, strict would be as big of an understatement as I've made in quite a while. Seriously, the guy might will snap me in half with his hands or shoot my face in with mind bullets if he were to catch me doing anything other than paying rapt attention to his lecture.)

The point is, you don't get my in-depth analysis of how sucky the Huskers were last night. But you are smart folks; you don't need me to tell you how awful it was if you saw any of the game. If you missed the game, the box score tells it pretty vividly too.

Nebraska was led in scoring by little Cookie Miller, whom I love dearly but who is not typically any kind of scoring threat. I mean, good for him that he scored 18 points, but most of them came off of stupid shots forced by a complete lack of intelligent ball movement. Nebraska looked like a court full of idiots, meaninglessly meandering around the arc, dumping the ball off in endless succession of pointless passes, none of which ended up inside the paint, or even inside of 30 feet from the hoop. In theory, it's cool that coach Sadler doesn't draw up every little play the Huskers are supposed to run. I like the idea of them being a tight enough team that they can work together to figure out where the ball should go and how to best get it into the hoop. But last night, that was less than an idea; it was a hopeless dream, and there was nothing the six of my friends and I gathered around the TV could do about it.

Furthermore, the more I watch Aleks Maric, the more I am convinced that he hates basketball. I know he prefers soccer, but now it looks like he has zero fire for basketball left in him. It's pretty sad, really, and pretty confusing to consider why he's going to try for the NBA if he hates the game so much.

What might be the most sad thing about last night is that if you look at Colorado's box score in isolation, you would probably bet money that they got their asses handed to them. They had almost as crappy a game as Nebraska did, and still won. Just like the Huskers, only two Buffs scored in double digits, but Colorado's top scorer had 13 compared to Miller's 18. 11 team assists for CU? Pathetic. But Nebraska sucked a little bit more, dishing only 9. Ditto for rebounds, and pretty much anything else in the box score. Yuck.

In the immortal words of Mike Gundy, "That's all I've got to say. Makes me want to puke."

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Raleigh said...

I watched the game. It's unfortunate that Ade, JR, Steve Harley, and Verlander didn't make the trip. Their presence would've helped tremendously. WHAT?! They were THERE?

never mind