Monday, January 28, 2008

Missouri vs. Nebraska

"I've bowled three perfect games...


...on the Nintendo Wii."

Seriously. That pause was long enough for me to think, "Holy crap! Is there anything he can't do?!?" The quote, by the way, is from Luke Hochevar in a little video through I have no idea how to link to it, because MLB is dead serious about having the smallest number of people possible actually see their videos. But if you go to the Royals website, you can find the video among the current featured stories.(Somebody please explain to me how it harms MLB if someone posts highlights of games on YouTube? Why does it hurt their enormously deep pockets if I get to relive some of Mark Teahen's fabulous outfield assists, or take another look at Joey Gathright robbing a homer? What did it harm them when I YouTubed Bob Davis saying David DeJesus was hotter than a July day at KC? And wouldn't it actually help them if their videos were somehow link-able, so that I could share them with all 14 of you fine folks without making you have to hunt? It has never made sense to me, but it's aggravating.)

Anyway, this is actually a tiny bit of a Nebrasketball post, because if it wasn't that, then it would turn into a Minda bitches about how crappy winter is compared to baseball season type of post.

Is this good news for Nebraska? I'm tempted to say it is, because after disastrous losses to Colorado and Baylor, plus two expected losses to Kansas, the Huskers just need a conference win, and they need it now. (Well, technically they need it Wednesday, because the game is Wednesday, not now.) But what is the point of having a conference win under your belt if it comes against a team that's missing its best player? By the way, hat tip to regular commenter Royal8085 for the Hannah story. And I suppose if Nebraska should happen to fall in the game at Columbia on Wednesday night, that would look doubly worse, right? This team needs to win something so that they believe they are capable of winning within the Big XII. I'm not sure what has happened to the team that worked so wonderfully well together in seemingly huge wins over ASU and Oregon earlier in the season. Did Santa bring them all coal? They've only won two games since Christmas, and neither was against anyone too...well, they were against Alcorn State and Maryland Eastern Shore. Not exactly program-defining wins, there.

In any case, you can check out the Huskers vs. Tigers on FSN Midwest at 7:00. Also, today's themed MLB fantasy team is 4-letter last names.


Anonymous said...

It gets better (or worse) now....4 others have been suspended for at least the Nebraska game. I tried to put a link in here but failed miserably. : (

It would take a minor miracle for the Tigers to even be competitive with what they have left. I guess you never can tell and in a one game setting teams can rise above it. You can see what I'm doing here, I'm trying to talk myself into believing MU could still win. :)

At any rate, if you've got any ideas to add a little spice to what shapes up as a dog of a game, let me know.


Anonymous said...

One more thing, I'm not sure the game is even going to be on live tv. I think they have to tape delay it because of the archaic rules of the big 12 tv package and the fact the KU-KSU game is on ESPN at the same time. That's at least what yesterday's paper led me to believe.

I'm actually going to miss the game in person (very rare for a conference game). We have a rec league basketball game and I didn't feel like I wanted to miss our last game of the year.

Jeff said...

I think Mizzou just became a gimme to the rest of their opponents. I'm still flying high from the football teams 12-2 season so it really isnt gonna bother me much.