Sunday, January 20, 2008

Quick advertisting thought

It's gameday. I've got a fresh new case of Dr Pepper and a frozen chicken pot pie so I don't have to leave my room come suppertime.

Now here's that Applebee's commercial where an apple with an irritating voice tells us, "You can customize your car, your ringtone, and now...dinner!"

Duh. Customizing your dinner is nothing new; it's called cooking.


Anonymous said...

Well, guess it was kind of a lost weekend for you sports wise. Granted the Patriots came thru so you've still got the 'win one for history and my grandkids' thing.

Sounded like Nebraska had a pretty crushing loss against Baylor. I had told my brother that I figured this was a 'line in the sand' kind of game for Nebraska. I just thought that was a game they had to have. They are a lot like Missouri in that going in you felt like they had a chance to well but it could really go either way. Three games in I don't think it's going to end well for either. But at least MU has a win on the board.

The Tigers lost to KU last night. Losing to KU is simply awful. I can't adequately explain how much I dislike Jayhawks. I don't like them in football either but the basketball program is intolerable. And KU was vulnerable to the upset last night. But MU simply couldn't hit enough shots or rebound quite well enough to pull it out.

The Tigers now get to travel to Lubbock Texas and avoid being Bob Knight's 901 victim. We'll see how that goes.

And the football game....I was pulling for Green Bay. Brett Favre just looked old out there in the 2nd half. I think he would've done better if it hadn't been SO cold. I hope he doesn't retire because that would be a sucky way to end his career.

Minda said...

I l-o-v-e that you posted a comment like 10 times as long as the original post. You rock.

History is all I've got to look forward to in the Super Bowl. Well, that and the challenge of making sure I don't hear the score, as I have a church function at 7 that night and will have to DVR the game and watch it after that.

I'm so mad at the Huskers this week. If you miss that many free throws (NU was 21-34 overall), especially that many late in the game (Steve Harley alone missed five in the last several minutes, you're pretty much begging to lose. I actually did not attend the game, because the CU game had made me lose that much faith.

Everybody loses to KU, it's an ugly fact of life.

There's no way Favre will let THAT interception (from which my heart is still in a million pieces on the floor) be the last throw of his career. No way.

Anonymous said...

Well, I was trying in one comment to really comment on about 4 different topics, so it was kind of cheating!

You got to keep cheering for the Cornhusker basketball team though. I don't have a lot of respect for fans that are only fans of the successful college teams (i.e. Kansas basketball--this year excepted or Nebraska football, again this year excepted). The worst, and there are fans in Kansas City like this, are fans of Nebraska football and KU basketball both. Yuck! Double Yuck.

Minda said...

Oh, I am still a Nebrasketball fan, just very frustrated this week. I mean, I have been a Royals fan my whole life now, and that has never been gratifying. I don't do fair-weather-only rooting; that is garbage!