Sunday, February 03, 2008

A few quick things

This drama occurred between my new-to-me (aka used) laptop and I this afternoon. The laptop does not have internet access yet, and I finally got the wireless adapter card that would, in theory, allowed me to get online. Here's what happened instead:

Me: [installs drivers for wireless internet card]
Laptop: Hi! OK, thanks for installing that, I'm gonna have to restart now, k?
Me: OK, go for it.
Laptop: [restarts] [Stage goes dark; curtain drops]

Laptop: OKback, what's that? I see some new hardware...looks like a wireless internet card.
Me: Yeah, that's exactly what I just installed drivers for. That's the whole reason you restarted, remember?
Laptop: Let's run a Wizard! Wizards are awesome!
Me: There's no need for that; I already installed the drivers.
Laptop: No seriously, you could not have possibly done that without a Wizard. Wizards are so cool, and they make hardware and software installation so easy! Run the Wizard. Run the Wizard. Run it, run it, runitrunitrunit!
Me: Why the hell would I do that? I ALREADY INSTALLED THE DRIVERS.
Laptop: I don't care. You did something behind the Wizard's back. The Wizard is displeased with your malfeasance. Why don't you connect to the Internet to find a list of drivers you could try to install for this new card thingamabob?
Me: I alrea-- you know what? Connecting to the Internet is a lovely idea; let's try it. [clicks]
Laptop: You know, I can't connect to the Internet without a card or something. Do you have one of those?
Me: Yes. It's plugged in; I installed the drivers like a half hour ago. You're in software denial.
Laptop: Let's connect to the Internet, really! You might be able to find the driver you're missing there! On the internet.
Me: Yes. The internet. To which I can't connect without a functioning wireless adapter card. Which I actually have, and all the required software is ON YOU. It's there. You have it. Let me set up an internet connection PLEASE.
Laptop: Why don't we hop online to configure some settings for you? I have another Wizard you could run!
Me: Forget it. Who needs mobile internet access anyway? [Snaps lid of Laptop closed.]

The Husker basketball game yesterday afternoon was pretty strange. It didn't feel like any Nebrasketball game I had ever been to. I don't know if there has been some bad blood between the Huskers and the 'Clones, but it sure felt like there was. Ryan Andersen, for example, played like a man who had been hurt and needed revenge. He had a couple of steals early in the game that could not be adequately described by the word "steal" -- it's not nearly strong enough a word. Instead, what he did was more like ripping the ball away from the ISU players, and hoping that an arm and some blood came away with it. He looked pissed off, but it made him play some monstrous defense. I liked it.

ISU brought a bunch of fans in chartered buses. They were all tucked high up in one corner of the Devany Center, and I'd like to give them credit for being fairly loud. I'd also like to say that the Red Zoners around me are all idiots. At one point in the game, ISU was ahead 29-27 and a timeout was called. The Clones fans started a chant of "ISU! ISU! ISU!" and the (brilliant) Husker students supplied the word "Sucks!" between each call of "ISU." Yes, ISU sucks, guys. That's why they're ahead of your Huskers at the moment. Anyway, I wasn't yelling back at the ISU fans, because I was glad they were there. It's a lot more fun to have opposing fans around; I've always thought that it would be zero fun to be a Husker fan (or sports fan at all) if no other teams had fans of their own.

For the record, Aleks Maric seems to be learning. He only attempted two (maybe three; one was borderline) stupid no-look hook shots.


I've been wanting to do this for a while, but I think the time is right. SiteMeter tells me a lot of fascinating stuff about where you all come from. My favorite is when people Google stuff to get here. I think I could start a Matt Wright fan club, based on all the people who have Googled him to get here. (I'm up for that, by the way. I've always kind of wanted to be a president of someone's fan club, just to see if it's fun or creepy.) Here are some of the other fun things people have Googled to get to this blog:

craig brazell IS HE MARRIED (Ed. note: I think so, yes.)
gil meche religion
minda band
mike sweeney cried
THINGS NEEDED FOR A BASEBALL COSTUME (Ed. note: Is Google more effective if you yell at it? I should try that. I mean, uh... I SHOULD TRY THAT)
skinheads in Alabama
papelbon "halloween costume idea"
jonathan papelbon alds dance in sliding shorts
baseball things
Free Sara Lee bread at baseball game
billy butler married royals
justin huber asked
Mike Sweeney get married
frame to fit 19x25 poster
party hats (Ed. note: I've gotten a ridiculous amount of traffic from image searches for party hats, which I used in this post. It makes me giggle a little bit)
Neal Cotts Wedding
what’s fukudome going to do?
things to now about baseball
where matt wright royals
joba chamberlain speeding ticket
baseball weddings
mike sweeney, nebraska minor league, blog
usa matt wright royals baseball
"neal cotts" wedding jaime
tornado storm clouds
things people do because of love
doc sadler, headache, asu
"that did just happen"
minda physical therapy texas
5 thng mostly ask to baseball player
does mark teahen have a girlfriend
i hate sororities (Ed. note: My personal favorite, and the inspiration to give you this list today.)

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!
UPDATE: Why do they do a kickass flyover after the National Anthem in a DOME???


Anonymous said...

I wondered about the flyover too...I guess the easy answer is that it's a retractable roof and it would've been cool if the roof had been open? I'm just guessing.

Great game though. I was rooting for New England but it was a fun finish.

What's up with the clock operator? That was insane all the starts and stops with the game clock in the last 3-4 minutes. It could've made a real difference.

Also, loved the searches that wound up finding your homepage!

Minda said...

Yeah, IF the roof had been open...I really hate domes, by the way. They're an abomination to manly, I-will-play-this-game-even-if-the-weather-kills-me sports.

It was a very weird game. I actually just finished watching it about 5 minutes ago, because I was at a movie (the ONLY showing of it was tonight!) so I DVR'd the game. The problem was, the sound got messed up somewhere after I left for the movie, so I had to watch it with no sound. By any chance, did any announcer investigate the great mystery of where the heck the Patriots O-line was? Brady got the crap kicked out of him more tonight than I've ever seen!

For the record, I keep a Word document of all those fun googles. In the future, I'll post the really good ones as I get them...