Thursday, February 14, 2008


I wondered if The Ladies... would do something cool for Pitchers and Catchers Report Day, and they certainly came through. It's perfect; they led with my favorite offseason quote, they wrote poetry to baseball, used someone else's poetry, used MS Paint to convey excitement for the season...for what more could I ask? They even changed the site banner for the special day!

We're only partway through PCR Day here in the Central time zone, and already people are slinging weight-related insults around. With Leather picks on Josh Beckett with the help of a super-unflattering Boston Globe photo, but the way I see it, he can weigh whatever the heck he wants to if he can pitch like that!
From LOLjocks; click image to go to their post.

One further bit of poetry on this day of romance, flowers, candy hearts, and soft-toss exercises...
My computer science book is used, and I opened it for one of the first times today. On one page, penciled in girly, flowy script were the words "Live, Laugh, Love." I thought that was pretty cute, and then I saw what was written under it: "F*** computer class!"

So poetic. If you want to see the message, click here. (Obviously NSFW)

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