Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy holiday!

You know that song from the end of Sister Act -- I think it's Glen Campbell -- called "O Happy Day"? That's how I feel on this day. My friends and I exchange more Pitchers and Catchers Report Day cards than any other holiday, even Christmas.

I'd gush a little more, but my fever-addled roommate is trying to sleep, and my keyboard is kind of clacky, so I'll hand things over to Statistically Speaking .

Well, except here's a list of cool stuff, in case you missed it:
3 things from StatSpeak...1) The most coherent, level-headed reaction to the Santana deal that I've read yet, 2) the 2007 Royals reviewed sabermetrically, and 3) an interesting look at blaming pitchers as well as crediting batters for homers. Elsewhere, JoePo is hilarious and Clark Fosler weighs Tony F Pena (not with a scale).

Furthermore, a YouTube video featuring a dude with no head helped me learn how to Do The Hustle the other day. It's fun; I can see why it was a craze. Downside: the damn song has been stuck in my head on and off since then. Upside: It beats sitting at my computer all day, right?

Lastly, I should sleep, but I'm watching the Lion King instead. Please don't judge me. I have started to write a number of bloggie dealies, but I'm really great at not finishing things. If I had but one more boring class, I'd get so much more done for this blog...

47 days to go!

UPDATE: As if this post weren't manic, fragmented and disjointed enough, I made y'all a card:

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Anonymous said...

I'm interested to read the sabermetric link on the Royals. That will be done tomorrow at work!!

Are you at the MU-Nebraska game tonight? The game is just getting ready to start....I think I would predict a Nebraska win. The Tigers played pretty horrible against A&M over the weekend. So kind of a vote of no confidence in them at this point. It should be close though. Maric has owned Missouri the last couple years. I read where Neb. has won 4 straight in the series, a win tonight and it's the first time since the '60s that they've won 5 in a row against MU.

In other news, I'm going snow skiing this coming weekend at Breckenridge! And Sunday is my birthday! Now if this girl that I really like reacts favorably to my Valentine's gift tomorrow, I will be truly happy!!

Hope you are well.