Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A good day to be a Royals fan

Happy birthday to me!
I like to think that David DeJesus' awesome performance in last night's extrra-inning win was like a birthday present (one day early) for me. He had three hits, a homer and two doubles, and scored all three Royals runs. (By the way, you can check out video highlights from the game in that article...worth a look since the game was not televised!)

But check out this glowing praise from Jose Guillen regarding DeJesus:
"The ball jumped off his bat like he was one of those power hitters," Guillen said. "I thought he would have 20 homers, 30 homers. It's amazing when I saw the ball jump off his bat. I should have gotten a better read on that ball."
Okay, maybe in real life DeJesus only has five, but still...pretty ringing endorsement for David's ability at the plate.

Meanwhile, down on the farm...

Chris Lubanski hit his 1st home run at the Triple-A level in last night's game against the Oklahoma RedHawks. It was just his 4th game with Omaha.

Better yet, Matt Wright pretty much owned the Redhawks in relief, as he struck out 10 over five innings. Wright came on in relief of the rehabbing John Bale, who worked three innings and gave up three runs. Bale is scheduled to make one more start at AAA before finally being called up to throw in the majors. Wright's finest inning was the eighth, long after some fans had started calling for a reliever to come in. Wright struck out the side on just 15 pitches. It was beyond fantastic.

Angel Berroa had a great night, with three hits and a rare walk.

When, oh when, will Justin Huber be healthy again? He was quietly placed on the DL again in mid-June, while the team was on the road during the College World Series. I'd love to have him back!

Hoo boy

The last time Oklahoma was in town, I had a hard time rooting against former Royal and all-around nice guy Mike Wood. He's had a really good season so far; the game in late May in which Omaha beat him was a rare loss. He's their representative in the AAA All-Star game, and according to my calculations he's also their pitcher tonight (I had to guess on that, because it's only 8:40 a.m. and the starters haven't been posted online yet). Tonight is my birthday, and I would love to watch Omaha win! So sorry Mike, I have to root pretty wholeheartedly against you this time around.

UPDATE: Starters have been posted: Wood will indeed pitch for Oklahoma, and Omaha's starter will be Scott Elarton.

Come on over!

If you're in the Omaha area, I highly recommend coming to tonight's game. We are expecting around 20,000 fans, and we'll have live music and tons of in-game entertainment, plus the BIG Independence Day fireworks show.

Hope to see you there!

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