Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Today on my way back to Omaha, I got pulled over. Only once has that happened to me before, and that time it was for an "improper left turn." Today it was for speeding. Oops.

The All-Star Game is happening right now, and I could not be more bored. I hate the All-Star Break. For me, this three-day break from actual baseball feels like three weeks. I need to have 13-15 MLB games to keep up with every day. I need the Royals. what I don't need is an exhibition game played by a bunch of big shots who don't want to be there.

For the first time all season, I don't have any emotional stake in how Gil Meche performs. I guess I hope he does well if he gets to pitch, but only so KC critics have one less thing to mock (I still hear crap about Mark Redman being our All-Star last season). But for the most part, a person could not pay me to care about tonight's game. I'm watching it, yes, but I may as well be doing taxes or cleaning a bathroom -- I feel it's something I'm obligated to do even if I don't want to.

To make matters worse, the Royals have a built-in off day on Thursday. That means a four-day break. Fortunately, Omaha plays Thursday night* so that will help pass the time until my Return to Normalcy.

Until the Break is over, I will be grumpy. You can't say I didn't warn you.

*It will be Thirsty Thursday! $1 beers and Cokes! Come drink!

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