Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It could be worse.

Sure, the Royals got shut out by a pitcher Boston called up from the minors at the last second to replace the hurting Curt Schilling. Sure, Emil Brown could not be bothered to put up two hands to catch a routine fly ball in the 5th*. But things could very much be worse for the 39-53 Royals right now; we could be the Devil Rays (35-56), the Nationals (38-54), the Astros (39-54), the Reds (38-55), or the Giants (38-52).

I am thrilled that typing a list of teams that are worse than KC took as long as it did. This is progress, people! Last year at this time, the Royals were 32-60 and had sole possession of the MLB basement. The closest team to us was Pittsburgh at 33-61.

*I Loooooove seeing Major Leaguers ignore the basics that I taught 9-year-olds in little league. Makes me feel really really good that we pay that much money for those guys to play. But at least Emil gave me a more concrete reason to dislike him as much as I do. Two hands on the ball, folks, or you'll look like that lazy guy.

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