Saturday, July 07, 2007

Independence Day in KC

How lame of me to not write about my Independence day in KC sooner. We went for two things, the game and the fireworks. Both were pretty much lacking. KC got shut out, and the fireworks were cancelled due to afternoon rains.

The trip wasn't all bad. Here are some small positives:
1) Our seats were fantastic. They were high enough to be underneath the overhang, so we did not have to sop up any water when we first sat down.
2) My section won free cookies from Midwest Airlines when a precious little 6-year-old correctly answered a trivia question. Incidentally, the boy's birthday was today, so he turned 7 on 7-7-07. Happy birthday, precious little boy!
3) Brian Bannister was good in most of his innings. If not for the top of the first, and the bottom of every inning, Wednesday night might have been a good game.
4) We got prior to the game.
5) My car has brand new tires, so it easily survived the driving rain that killed the fireworks. My car > fireworks.

Tonight's Royals game was nuts! I didn't get to listen to all of it, around steaks with my parents and little brother, as well as a trip to Wal-Mart. (Yes, I really know how to party...) How happy that Mark Grudzielanek is magically healthy again so he could deliver the game-winning hit. After being frustrated in two ways in two consecutive games -- shut out one night, and falling just short of a comeback the next game -- it's extra refreshing to see a win like tonight's.

I'm hanging out at my parents' house for a few days while Omaha is on the road. Woo!

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El hombre del sombrero gris said...

hi!, i think you're a great writer. it's not easy find a girl who knows so much of baseball, and besides is a great writer!. Im RedSox Fan, but I don't care to read everyday about Royal's if the news is written for someone like you...