Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Good news, bad news

Good news: Kansas City won on my birthday, which usually doesn't happen.
Bad news: I was at work and missed it.

How about that Billy Butler? Last night's game is the game the KC front office is going to look to in the near future, when all the now-injured players are healthy and the decision about whether Butler stays in the majors or goes back to Omaha needs to be made. His bat is big league; there is no doubt about that at this point. But he can't be DH forever, especially with Mike Sweeney close to ready to come back.

I was away from my computer from 3:00 yesterday afternoon until 1:00 this morning, and by that time I desperately needed to sleep, even before reading up on the Royals. That's how you know I'm tired. So I didn't hear until just a few minutes ago that Jason LaRue also homered. Good for him. I would love it (and I'm sure he would too) if he was more consistent at the plate, so his offense would merit the almost platoon-style catching rotation he and John Buck share. Perhaps coming so close to hitting for the cycle can be a good starting point for LaRue.

After last night, Alex Gordon leads the American League in hit by pitch. David DeJesus is close behind him, in third place.

I loved Joey Gathright's diving catch to end the game. THAT is how you should do things when you're brought in late in the game. The TV announcers from Fox Sports Northwest said it best: "The best thing they can say about this game is that is has ended."

Good news: My ankle held up during work yesterday.
Bad news: Scott Elarton did not.

I was rather encouraged to see Elarton's name in the "probable pitchers" column for yesterday. Elarton is a good pitcher, but right now I don't feel like he should be in the majors. However, he's generally fine during his rehab starts at triple-A. In his last outing, he threw six scoreless innings, so I hoped he'd show similar stuff yesterday. But when you start a game by giving up three homers in the first for a total of six runs, things don't usually end up too well.

Last night was the Big Night for the O-Royals. The announced attendance was 21,873 for an evening that included a post-game concert and a huuuuuuge fireworks show (which I missed). I had hopes that the team would show all these fans who don't normally come to the game what they're missing. Beyond the first inning, it really wasn't a bad game, but the damage had been done, and all those "extra" fans pretty much pegged it as a loss from the middle of the first inning on.

Mike Wood was supposed to pitch for Oklahoma, but he got a call in the mid-afternoon...the Texas Rangers need him up there. Good for him.

Good news: It was a fabulous day for lots of water balloons.
Bad news: They don't feel very good if they don't break.

Jorge Padilla
threw one at me while I was on top of the Omaha dugout. It bounced off of me and popped harmlessly elsewhere. One that popped on me would have felt much more refreshing.

Good news: I'm going to tonight's Kansas City game!
Bad news: Are you kidding me?

I haven't been to a KC game since Opening Day, so I'm awfully pumped for this. And you probably all know by now how much I love Brian Bannister, who is slated to pitch tonight.

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