Sunday, October 07, 2007

Good news, bad news

Good news: Joe Posnanski is blogging again!!!
Bad news: I already have a problem with getting things like schoolwork done. Is it possible to accomplish less than nothing? If so, that is what I will do now that I have my regular dose of JoePo bloggy goodness.

Good news: Stanford beat USC.
Bad news: Stanford, by extension, is better than Nebraska.

Good news: It's not like Nebraska losing to Missouri was a big upset, but
Bad news: Nebraska could have at least showed a little effort.***

***Disclaimer: Maybe it was personal tragedy that prevented the Huskers from playing anything that resembled football. I wonder if God could cut Maurice Purify a break; his brother was murdered this summer, and his girlfriend just died this past week. He played anyway, because he's a badass like that. Can I say badass here? I'm going to anyway.

Good news: The Rockies have continued their unreal Cinderella-esque run by beating the Phillies again.
Bad news: The Ladies.... will be quite sad. In homage to the Ladies..., I'd like to say farewell to Pat the Bat, Chutley, and most of all, their beloved Bacon Pants. Sorry it had to end like that, Ladies..., but when Cinderella magic happens, someone has to lose.

I'll be back with something better later, but I'm pretending to be a responsible student this weekend. (Hi Mom!)

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