Monday, October 15, 2007

Those Rockies!

When I am older -- much older -- and I have grandkids with whom to share stories, I will tell them about these Colorado Rockies. I will tell them how Clint Hurdle led this team, I can't even type it without catching my breath in awe...21-1 to close out the regular season and sweep their way to the World Series. I will tell them about Matt Holiday, and those deafening chants of "MVP" that rocked Denver so hard. I might mention NLCS Game 3, how the whole game was played in a downpour, but those Rockies looked flawless anyway. How the entire team was named "Player of the game" in Game 4, and that didn't seem silly at all. Todd Helton, the beard. Troy Tulowitzki, the super-rookie. Manny Corpus, unstoppable closer. The frenzied fans.

All of this...this is why I love baseball. Todd Helton's face after he caught the ball for the final out was beautiful. They just showed a replay of that moment and it made my eyes go all misty. Helton is a grown man, a level-headed leader who has been around baseball forever. But in that moment, he was a little boy, lost in the wonder of his postseason dreams coming true. It was perfect.

I've never been a Rockies fan, but all of this Colorado success and their celebration is giving me goosebumps. Congratulations to the Colorado Rockies, and all of their marvelous fans. (Hi Gary!)

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