Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A short open letter to Chutley

Dear Chase Utley,
You've done some impressive things as a ballplayer. You're even kind of adorable; women love you, and they love your wife too (what a sweetie!). You even rescue puppies, for pete's sake! And even though I'm kinda rooting for Colorado in all of this, I think you owe your fans something better than a Golden Sombrero to start the playoffs.



It is officially October, not only on regular calendars but on baseball schedules (the most important calendars!) too. As I mentioned to Mr. Utley above, I am kind of rooting for Colorado to just keep winning, even though I've never had any feelings whatsoever towards them (positive or negative). They just kind of exist, but I'm rooting for them anyway because a number of my friends are good Rockies fans. And besides, I owe Todd Helton a debt of gratitude for being as awesome as he is, thus blocking Ryan Shealy from playing time with the Rockies, thus enabling the Royals to get him so he could become a little part of my life as a promotions chick. (An open letter to Ryan Shealy: Dear Ryan, I love you! Hugs, Minda)

I'll try to watch every single game of the playoffs, but sometimes those pesky little classes get in the way. Oh, and right after the Rockies finish winning (UPDATE: That is right now! Wooooo!) I have a church thing with which to go help!

But I will bring some slightly more substantial posts with the rest of the postseason. Happy October, everybody!

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