Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Six innings gone, and the Royals haven't had a single freaking baserunner.

Has a team ever been the victim of a no-hitter AND a perfect game in the same season? The Royals are the perfect candidate: They've already been no-hit, so we know that can happen, and they're dead last in the league in walks drawn. All Armando Galarraga has to do is avoid plunking anyone, and he should be able to finish what he's started.

This team = yuck. Ergo, my life = yuck.

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mike in omaha said...

I'm going to say this very carefully, because I'm not a rash guy. I think Mike Barnett has many great qualities. He's probably a good family man. He might be really funny. Heck, he might be able to do all kinds of magic tricks. I think he probably has so many great qualities that its not fair that we keep him locked up in KC anymore...we need to share him with the world. Maybe he would like to visit the Twin Cities for a few months? I hear Chicago is a town with lots of things to do. Detroit? Cleveland? I bet he would love any of those cities and those cities would love him. Come on Mike...step out of KC and let the world enjoy your unique brand of Mike-ness for...I don't about forever.