Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So much to ponder at first base

So, Kila Kaaihue made his AAA debut, going 1-4 with a homerun, 3 fly ball outs, and a strikeout looking to end the game.

(Also, a note about my links...lately I've been linking to the fanshots at Royals Review instead of directly to the stories at their source. I do this because I <3 the commenters at RR. Hope that's OK!)

I was really looking forward to seeing this patient hitter about whom I've read so much, but he looked very jumpy at the plate tonight.
1st AB: Took first pitch, swung at 2nd (popout)
2nd AB: Fouled off first pitch, popped out on 2nd
3rd AB: This one was much better, and is what I figure is more indicative of what we'll see from Kila - 6 pitches, flied out deeeeep on a 3-2 count
4th AB: his home run. 5 pitches
5th AB: his strikeout looking. 5 pitches.

I don't think I can say too much about him as a player from tonight. I'm guessing his first few at-bats were shortened by nerves. I will keep an extra eye on him (good thing I have three?) during this last month of the season.

Kaaihue's arrival meant Ryan Shealy was bumped to DH. I mentioned yesterday that I thought the time might be right for Shealy to get a chance in KC again, rather than competing with Kila for playing time. Jeffery Flanagan has some more thoughts about that in the KC Star today. I hope tomorrow's trade deadline creates a roster space for Shealy; I really do think he deserves it. He has handled the indignities brought forth by injuries and slumps with an admirable amount of patience and grace. Plus, he has been beating the shit out of the ball. He may not have Ross Gload's GRITTINESS factor that GMDM and Trey Hillman are so in love with, but he's someone I'd happily include on my 40-man* if anyone ever made me GM for a day.

*not an innuendo

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