Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Kila Kaaihue has been promoted to Omaha, and I can barely contain my giddiness. I'm not sure what this means for B&OT favorite Ryan Shealy...will he and Kaaihue have to split time at 1B/DH, or is the front office going to be impressed enough with his performance lately (.367/.454/.578 in July) to give him another look in the Bigs?

Either way, I love it when big-name prospects get promoted to Omaha. It's exciting to think about the possibilities a guy like Kaaihue brings. I'm pumped about his plate discipline, having watched Jason Smith hack his way into 125 strikeouts has made me long for someone who can take a work the count AND hit for power.

I've promised the good folks at Royals Review (linked to at the beginning of this post) that I'll report anything worth sharing about Kila's performance at AAA. Hopefully I get to start tonight, but I haven't seen lineups yet for tonight's matchup against Salt Lake.

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