Thursday, June 14, 2007

Grud's knee woes and more

-Mark Grudzielanek's meniscus is torn. Did I not call this? (towards end of post) What was the merit in his being in the Opening Day lineup? Wouldn't it be better for the team to have him 100% healthy now instead? Grud's a stubborn guy; we all know that. That's what makes him as good as he is. But every athlete (and for that matter, every MiLB promotions chick) who gets injured has to go through the entire rehab process, regardless of how soon they want to return.

Grud is a textbook example. He didn't give his knee enough time to heal the first time around, and here he is, only three months later, with another major injury to it. Could this one have been prevented with a little more patience at the season's start? It's entirely possible. KC's July schedule is meaty; they could surely use Grud's dependable defense and his recently hot bat, no?

- I feel awful. I know I jinxed Omaha last night by mentioning that they were ahead. Tyler Lumsden had his best outing of the year, allowing zero runs in eight innings against the first-place Iowa Cubbies, but Iowa ended up winning 4-3 in 11 innings. On a scale of 1-10, how frustrating is that for a starting pitcher? I'm guessing '50' is an appropriate estimate, and I'm guessing Gil Meche has a few thoughts on that matter.

Tonight in AAA action, Billy Buckner pitched 7 innings and gave up just one run. I don't want to say anything else about the game, because...well it's baseball, and I have my supersititions. But Omaha only has to make one more out to seal a victory...Just saying.

- Tonight was the opening ceremonies for the College World Series. My house is in very close proximity to a number of bars, all of which have to make special accommodations for the Series every year. This is the time when Omahans avoid going anywhere (unless they're going to games) and everyone else in the world takes over the city. But it's a happy time! I'd be having a much happier time if I got to actually go to games, but I do not currently have the means to do so. I fail at living in Omaha.

- Speaking of sports in Omaha, check out the Big O Sports Blog. It's a brand new blog written by a guy my age with lots of sports knowledge and passion, and I'm guessing he'll have some good stuff for us throughout the CWS.

- It's the Sonic Slam inning, and Mark Teahen just came oh so close to hitting a homer and giving one lucky fan a lot of money. Instead, he ended up with his second triple of the game. My apologies to the fan who didn't win the money, but I'd rather see two triples any day. The fans bowing down to Teahen have it exactly right. Anyone who triples multiple times in a game deserves that. A triple is the most exciting hit possible, and I wish more people (inluding -- or especially -- my beloveds at Baseball Tonight) would pay respects to triplers.

But what's truly ridiculous is that it's almost 10:00, and the Sonic Slam inning just took place. I can't decide if the fans in attendance are getting more than their money's worth, or if some of them are ready for bed already.

UPDATE: Whew, didn't jinx anything tonight! Omaha just won 3-1 to avoid a sweep at Des Moines.

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