Friday, June 15, 2007


I'm not at Rosenblatt right now. I should be.

But even watching on TV is fun...hearing replays of sportscasters proudly proclaiming their team is Omaha-bound makes me proud to be here. When ESPN2 shows shots of Rosenblatt Stadium, they call it the holy grail of college baseball. I call it my workplace. Life is good.

Oregon State, last year's CWS champion, is my team this year. What a story, and what a testament to the pure heart of college baseball, it would be to see them come out of nowhere to win two in a row.

Check out the Big O Sports I thought yesterday, Ravi already has a ton of great CWS stuff. He tells an incredible story about how the CWS plays in him falling in love with baseball. Great stuff, definitely worth a read.

Now is the time. This is Omaha at its best. Welcome to the College World Series.

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