Saturday, June 30, 2007

I didn't do it!

- I know I'm not the reason the Royals lost. I considered posting about how tonight's game against the White Sox was huge because if KC won, they'd be out of the AL Central basement. Then I realized that saying we had a glimmer of hope was the biggest way to kill that hope.

Like the other soon as I realized Scott Elarton was throwing a no-hitter in a rehab start in Omaha, someone got a hit to break it up. I didn't even say the phrase "no-hitter" aloud, nor the words "no" or "hitter" separately, but somehow just thinking about the good thing he had going was enough to jinx him. (Sorry, Mr. Elarton! You still did really well though!)

Anyway, back to my original point. The Royals had a shot of moving out of the cellar for the first time since Week One of this season. All they had to do was beat Chicago tonight, and viola! Their status as perennial cellar-dwellers would be cleared up faster than a pimply face on Proactiv.

Odalis Perez
started the game in typical O. Perez fashion: That is, he walked the first batter on four pitches, threw a wild pitch during the 2nd at-bat, walked that batter anyway, then gave up an RBI single.

But after that, the Sox had nothing on him. After that point, he gave up no more runs, only two more hits and two more walks. However, the White Sox weren't the only ones whose offense had been stymied, as KC could only muster a few hits, and only one (Emil Brown's 7th-inning solo shot) that yielded any runs. Even though I don't always have a lot of love for Odalis Perez, I think 7 innings of 1-run baseball should be enough to earn a 'W.'

Now KC can tie Chicago for 4th, but can not overtake them in this series. Maybe next week, the Royals will pick up a few wins against Seattle, and the Sox will lose a game or two against Baltimore. Tuesday is my birthday, and I would love few things more than to see my Royals climb out of last in their division!

- The cats in my house continue to annoy the crap out of each other and out of me. Part of me wants to punt at least one of them off my balcony. My dad says that since I've got three cats, and cats have 9 lives, I've got 27 chances to pull off a good kick. I like those odds.

- I had to leave work early tonight, as my ankle decided to take a giant step backwards, leaving me unable to walk, much less run around, dance on the dugout tops, and all the other antics required for me to do my job well. The good thing about leaving early was that Oklahoma's Mike Wood did not have enough time to hit me with a water balloon, though I gave him at least three innings and two separate balloons! He may never be able to get me!

Speaking of former Kansas City pitchers who are now with Texas' AAA team, the Redhawks' pitcher for tonight was none other than Mark Redman. I'm not sure for whom this looks worse; Redman as a member of last year's All-Star team, or Kansas City as the team who could apparently not produce a better team representative. Either way, he mowed through Omaha's lineup without any struggle, so whiny teenage bloggers can't make fun of him. (My job would be so much easier if he had not done well! Then I could decide that the 2006 Royals were really sad, and look at how much we've improved, and so forth.)

- I have a massive cat-induced headache, so I'm going to become acquainted with a ton of Benadryl and call it a night already. If anyone knows any foolproof techniques for cat punting, let me know STAT. Thanks in advance!

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Kathy said...

How can someone with a bum ankle punt a cat?