Monday, June 18, 2007

A little look back

Last year:
On May 20, I wrote about how the Royals had lost Game 3 of every single series in which they had lost the first two. That post was on my MySpace blog, and I didn't transfer it to this one.
The Royals have a really bad attitude. Well, at least, that's how it looks from the way they've played in Game 3 of their various series' this year. Whenever they lose the first two games of the series, it's almost like they just give up. In every three-game series this year, if they lose the first two games, they also lose the third. Come on guys; I haven't given up yet, so can you hang in there too?

In that same post, I was horrified that Nebraska's baseball team wasn't going to be a Top 8 national seed.

This year:

The Royals have won three consecutive series, and have not yet lost a series to a National League team. In each of the last three series, they've lost Game 2, but then have come back to win each Game 3. That is something I can handle, unlike the "lie down and die" approach the team was taking at the time I wrote the bit above.

Meanwhile, Nebraska was not anywhere near the top 8 nationally, they lost hope of that idea long before May 20.

Maybe this makes me a bad Husker fan, but I'm actually okay with the 2007 version of things. I feel better when the Royals do well than I do when the Huskers do well while the Royals lose.

- I still can't get over how my outlook on Rosenblatt Stadium has changed this year. All my life, when I'd see the Blatt on TV during CWS games, I upheld it as a sacred place (as any good college baseball fan should do). But now, I see it on TV, and I see the place I work. In one respect, I can not wait until it's done with its annual stint of Holy Grail-hood so I can get back to work. Then again, I do enjoy this part of Omaha being proudly upheld as "the Cathedral of college baseball" to the rest of the country.