Saturday, June 09, 2007


Gil Meche has received only two runs of support in his last six starts.

What the heck, guys? Some bats please? Didn't I already scold you guys for this once before?

Of the three hits KC scraped up tonight, I'm glad one belonged to David DeJesus. I'm a huge DeJesus fan, and it hurts to see him slumping. His three-hit game last night was excellent progress out of the depths of the slump, although I missed two of the hits because there was a birthday party at my house, and I didn't want to be "That Guy" who sits and watches an entire baseball game rather than socializing at a gathering in her own house. (The term "that guy" is gender neutral. I can use it to refer to myself, or an actual dude. But it should be noted that I live in fear of being "That Guy" in every social situation.)

- I have a burning desire for a Gil Meche t-shirt, but it would be fiscally irresponsible to make the trip to KC for one on Tuesday. If anyone is going to that game and is feeling generous, I wear a medium. Hook a poor blogger up?

- Omaha lost 8-5 tonight. The offense was completely frustrated until the 8th, when they scored all five of their runs. Prior to the game, the president of the Pacific Coast League presented Craig Brazell with the Topps PCL Player of the Month award for May, and the video guys unveiled a new graphic they display during each of his at-bats -- some mildly cheesy animated baseball bat graphic that alludes to his hitting ability -- but then he went 0-4. Oh, the pressures that come with success.

- Despite the loss, I found a few more in-Gibs. (Defined here)

Andres Blanco was not in the lineup tonight, so he was at the end of the dugout, just kinda hanging out. A kid approached the dugout area desperately wanting Jorge Padilla to sign a ball for him, but Padilla was unable to sign because it was the middle of the game. Blanco took the ball and pen from the kid, signed the ball, then went all the way to the other end of the dugout to track Padilla down and have him sign it as well. Against the rules? A little bit (although I'm pretty sure the rule against signing during games is for the players' benefit anyway). But it was also probably the highlight of this little kid's month, and something he will remember for a long time.

At some point before witnessing Blanco's kindness, I was sitting in the third row, directly behind the dugout and behind two rows of Little Leaguers who were on a team outing. After Padilla caught a fly ball to end an inning, the kids in front of me were screaming wildly, begging him to toss them the ball as he entered the dugout. I jokingly raised my hands too, but wasn't entirely serious in my request for the ball. He threw it to me anyway. Shame on him, though; the throw was a little short! But I still caught it*. Somehow, that was only the second time all season I've ended up possessing a ball (the other was when a fan threw one on the field during a promotion, and I snagged it and had Joey sign it for my dad). Not sure how I can be right be the dugout so much and still not catch any baseballs.

*For the record: I'm a grownup, for goodness' sake -- I did give the ball to a kid, but the child in me wanted to tuck it in my purse and keep it. Jorge specifically gave that to me, dangit! But the kid asked politely, so how could I not? I do have a piece of writing brewing about how too many little kids (and even adults) expect freebies all the time at games. It's a huge pet peeve of mine, and I don't know how to deal with it because I really want to lay down the law with those who feel so undeservedly entitled, but my version of laying down the law might not go over too well with my job security.

Justin Huber and Blanco asked how my ankle was doing. I actually haven't talked to either very much before today, but I had the sense that they were definitely not jerks, and it was awfully sweet of them to inquire...Huber stopped and asked on his way to the clubhouse, which amazed me because players are usually in an understandable hurry to get off the field after a loss. But Huber was very sympathetic with my 30-day DL stint, as he's been there all too recently. I meant it with all I had in me when I told him I'm glad he's back in the lineup!

- I'm sure you all already noticed this, but I have a new label for posts: Omaha Royals. So whenever you need your fix of Billy Butler, Justin Huber, Matt Wright, and the whole gang, check out posts under that label! I'm also considering a "Nice Guys" label... yea or nay?

- Lastly: I now own an O-Royals hat. It's really spiffy. Maybe my next profile pic will in some way feature this fine piece of apparel.

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